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I printed the second layer of my woodcut this weekend. The first layer a dusty rose was to be followed by a strong Kelly green with some parts of the block inked in red. At some point between printing proofs, resolving my misaligned registration and mixing some fresh ink – almost a year – I’d changed my mind, I didn’t notice until I reached for the ink. The result is much more satisfying. Formerly I’d always used the reduction block method to layer up colours, but having multiple blocks gives the option for play. This particular print started out as a paper house printed from a single block, hence the later registration issues, it may yet become a paper house again, but before it does I’ll print it in more colours just because I can and I’ll notice the changes.

I think the coming back to a piece of work after along time works for me, like solutions to yesterday’s quandaries becoming apparent on waking. On one hand I like this, a relationship with a piece of work unfolds into something I hadn’t expected as though its coming from somewhere in me that knows me, but I’m only just getting to know it.


This week other commitments have kept me away from my studio space, but I have updated my website. I need to put up images of my current work and take down some of the old projects, but I’m putting this off, I find it difficult to take good photographs, if the weather were better, I’d take my work outside and use daylight, if I do that at the moment I’ll be having an impromptu show across my neighbours’ gardens.

I’m using common themes across my teaching at the moment. Usually as term progresses each group develops it’s own identity and diverse needs, but I’m structuring each week around a list of artists chosen by my Wednesday afternoon students. The exception being the painting class, many of whom transferred from a couple of long established watercolour classes when their tutors retired. With this group I’m on a campaign to stop them copying and encourage them to use their own voice. I think this is often the challenge with new students; trying to move them away from predetermined ideas and convincing them that making their experience of life into art is valuable and exciting.