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It’s almost the end of the spring term, and the end of the first term of the RDS ODDY. I’m absolutely ready for a break and I’m trying to desist from filling the forthcoming holiday with other commitments, commitments that is, which take me away from undirected time with my own work and reflection on the past term.

I feel my work is reassembling into a form again. I feel energised and driven by re-seeing a route to follow that I had started to move along prior to last year, but I’m also wary, a familiar journey is not necessarily a creative one. I need to explore alternative routes and encounter different terrain. Every now and then I get glimpses of where my work could go, like tiny twinkles of light through a dense wood that disappear as I change position, but I’m happy with that, it’s both guiding and unsettling.

I’ve loved being immersed in the ODDY experience, my drawing is feeling more direct and accurate to what I want to say and there’s a feeling of being wound up ready to go. Sometimes I feel as though work could come pouring out, hopefully over Easter it will.