Blasted through the legs very quickly using the power carver for much of it.


Today I’m going to switch over to the legs of this first set of blocks. I have designed these without a crotch (risqué I hear you cry!), so that they can be used upside-down with a variety of tails and heads slotted into the gap.

I’ve based it on this image created last year, but I am interested in twisting it around, adding a variety of other heads and attachments…

I’m particularly taken with these two figures at the moment-

I think there is a fine line to be reached though, where the finished characters look in some way believable (as monsters/chimera) or at least feasible (as humans wearing costume and baskets- not defying gravity etc.).

Having worked with four other performers within the roles of the characters and costumes, I wonder if I should use their faces and figures?

Currently I have worked with my own body, and I wonder if that is more coherent as an exploration- whereby the artist becomes the monster, or the research can be read more psychologically about the myth of journeying to remote wild places…?