We set sail in 2 weeks…

Starting to pack and prepare for the voyage, it feels like there is so much to do. We are attempting to fold away our lives here, and chose the items to take with us on the journey.

We have booked a passage on a cargo ship that leaves from Antwerp and will take 19 days to sail to South Africa. The departure date has yet to be confirmed: the cargo, rather than the passengers are prioritised.

We each have our own fears and hopes for the journey, there are many unanswered questions. Will we get sick, or bored? Will we take the right things with us? Will the cooks allow us to use the oven to bake our bread? How many different skies will we see?


Home Delivery: Borscht and Black Bread

A Performance

Images from the event at Barry and Edith s House, Saturday 7th November 2009.


Home Delivery: a performance

On saturday 7th November, we carried out our performance “Borscht and Black Bread” for Artwash

The performance took place at the home of Barry Reeves, and we read extracts from our ongoing correspondance about the project, on identity, memory and objects. We then invited the guests to eat a meal of borscht and black bread, made from our starter culture.

After the meal we asked guests to tell a story about one of their ancestors, and we toasted each ancestor with a shot of vodka.

The images show the preparaiton of our performance.


Bread from Starter Culture: Mark II

Katy’s first attempt at making bread..it seemed to have a life of its own..


Today I baked my fisrt loaves of bread from the culture Katy and I started together. I enjoyed the slow process: mixing the dough, leaving it overnight, adding more flour and mixing it again, then leaving it to prove for hours. My house is cold and the dough took it’s time to expand. But the alchemy started to work it’s magic and finally this evening I put two loaves into the oven.

They came out looking slightly peculiar – I think they got a little over excited in the heat of the oven and rose too fast. So each loaf has a crack down the side. They look like mouths that have just opened to laugh or to tell me something.

I ate a piece of the bread and it tasted great.