There haven’t been any blog posts for a few weeks because I’ve been in Mexico with family, taking a break before the final push (and introducing my son to his granny for the first time).

Now waiting for the carpenters to start work on building the final structure in their workshop in Roskilde.  I had pushed for a start date of 20 April, to allow time for the paintwork that I will need to do once the structure is assembled, drying time and for it to be dissembled and packed before the week of 18 May when the lorry will come to take it to Aarhus.   That date has slipped;  on Monday it was either going to be a start date of 22nd April (yesterday) or 27th (Monday).  So far, no news.  It is a nervous business working with people you don’t know very well on such a large project (though one of these carpenters does come highly recommended by a friend in the studio, and he did do some work for me last summer, building the scale model so I have some grounds for confidence).

I am meanwhile busying myself with assembling everything I will need once the piece is ready for painting.  Yesterday went and bought 22.5 litres of undercoat and 15 litres of top coat for the front side of the sculpture (the rear will be rubbed with graphite and glazed – another anxiety since I’ve realised it’s unlikely to be dry before the show opens).  The final paint colour was decided just before I left for Mexico, by analysing the composition of the paint chart colours and making up my own. Fortunately it came out right..a bit darker in tone but warmer than the samples I’d been trying. More like clotted cream.

This morning my task is to watch videos on the Copenhagen town hall website about registering as a business.  With the expenditures involved on this project I need to do this asap to try and save a bit on tax.