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I realise I need to wrap this project up …. and want to do that by developing the sculptural collage idea in my previous post, though time is rather against me in the, as usual, slightly frantic run-up to Christmas, which is only partly due to the impending event itself! I always get a very time-consuming contract at this time of the year and every year swear it will be the last time I do it.

Back to the matter in hand, I have in mind a new piece of work that contrasts the semi-opaqueness of wax and the shininess of resin. Apart from the contrast in their physical qualities, they are both materials that relate to “preservation”, specifically of the body.

I am not sure where these thoughts are taking me yet, but the good thing is that this a-n bursary-funded project is ending not with a final piece of work but rather with sense of something new to explore.