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Starting drawing into the wax panels, nervous beginnings…..it is learning a new drawing language, exploring which tools make which mark. The wax is easier than I thought it would be to work into, helped by warm weather. my new tools.
Decided to jump in at the deep end and start on the most detailed panels first, maybe because they were the most challenging. I am putting in all the outlines first traced through the paper drawings. making sure that the panels line up and getting the images to work as a whole. More tomorrow !


It is not really week 2, in fact there has been a while since the last post, work has been happening, mainly of the planning application, technical drawings and plans type of work.

Yesterday was the day I felt that I had been waiting for for months, since the ‘buoy’ was decided upon as the proposal to make.

The first of my waxes were ready to collect from the foundry, I collected 6 wax/plaster panels which are now sitting in the workshop ready to start drawing into.

Ready with their beautiful pristine curves,in smooth green wax.

The cap and rope are also ready, the cap is ready to be cast into bronze, also looked great.