I’ve submitted my application for registration.

This is quite significant and has meant a lot of emails toing and froing.

I’ve had to really focus on what I’m trying to say, what I want to achieve and how I’m going to get there in a limited word count.  Focussing on writing, very little making, what group work I want to do and why.

I also had to use a spreadsheet – that was a shock to the system.

I’ve decided to take August as a rest month, although I’ll probably read, especially some of the more difficult theorists, I’m picturing myself in the garden with coffee and books.

I’ve found this exhausting, lockdown in a house of 3 teenagers and my partner who is an artist, working on commissions, balancing a part time job, and reading & writing for a phd.

I’ve keep forgetting why I’m doing this and then my partner reminds me I like a challenge!

This is certainly that, an emotional and intellectual challenge.