In my little greenhouse, the seedlings have been sleeping all winter, suspended in living but not growing, waiting for warmth to release the hibernation.

The outdoor plants have survived winter snow and frosts, they are thriving, strong, the hardships have made them stronger.  They are stretching for the first bits of warmth the sun is teasing them with.

Suggestions of using my greenhouse as an installation space appeal.  The garden becoming my art gallery, curated by me.  Seen only be six to start with, then more can slowly and gently be allowed in and guided around this personal space.


How do I preserve the flowers I’ve grown?  I can dry them, press them, use cut outs from magazines?

Exploring different materiality, moving away from stitching and sewing.

Developing ideas through making, taking the time to be introspective, reflective.

Wondering where this will all lead to and how to use my artistic voice that is slowly getting louder.