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‘Projection’ is a word I have been pondering in the most recent developments of this body of work. To begin with, at the start of the Bursary, my perception of the word ‘projection’ involved using a device to play images or a slideshow onto an object. What I have found through the early developments of this work, is the action of light through the object develops its own narrative.

Ghost buildings 1

Ghost buildings 2

Ghost buildings 3

I am interested in pursuing further the dynamic between a light source and the surface qualities of the work to explore how ‘projected’ images can be created.

My source of inspiration remains the Brindley Village War Hospital site on Cannock Chase, where the huts once used as a hospital then a mining community no longer stand. So the next step for me in the work is about creating forms for projection that are based upon this shape:

When considering how to combine the element of projection with these developing forms I am interested in two directions. One is to use Augmented Reality (Layar) to create a video projection that exists digitally and can be accessed through the physical object in situ:

The second direction I am keen to pursue is to look at the inclusion of solar light in these transparent structures; to see how this type of light can ‘project’ imagery. And that will be the subject of my next blog post…….