In March 2017 I presented a series of new works for the Reading Room, Manchester Central Library.

I used this blog as somewhere to think through the research and development process and as a repository for the questions, propositions and ideas that have arisen through working with the writer Michael Hampton. (A publication based on our extended conversation accompanied the exhibition.)

The project was supported by a-n, ACE, Manchester City Council and HOME.


It’s a year since I started this blog and I’m finishing it with images from my final piece for Manchester Central Library.

The project is now fully documented at:

The publication is available to read here:
In Conversation with Michael Hampton

and here:
In Conversation with Michael Hampton et al

Huge thanks to a-n, ACE, Manchester City Council and HOME for supporting “It Stares Us Down” and to you for reading…


Saturday 13th March 2017
Reading Room, Manchester Central Library

Saccades (n): Rapid intermittent eye movements made as attention switches from one point to another. A group performance. Drop in any time between 2-3pm.

Supported by Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, HOME and a-n