On 18th November I’ll be moving most of the contents of my rural studio into ArcadeCardiff‘s empty unit in a Cardiff retail centre for a three week residency.

For years, I have been collecting objects found on walks, sometimes abroad, but mainly in Wales and particularly the Black Mountains near my studio. The influence these have on my artwork has so far been implicit, rather than explicit: in this residency, I will have opportunity to recreate elements of the studio where work in progress sits alongside found objects, and reconsider the relationship between them.

I envisage reproducing a domestic – even cosy environment which, on closer examination reveals objects which puzzle and perhaps disturb perceptions of what constitutes ornament – or beauty even. It will also be a working creative space in which I will draw from the environment and show new work.

Visiors will interact in a variety of ways: experience the strangeness of such an environment in a retail setting; handle, explore and rearrange the objects; draw alongside me; contribute objects of their own.

As part of the a-n re:view, the residency marks a transitional point between past and future projects. Use of my own collection of objects will inform the way I go on to respond to objects in museum collections, as I pursue the Arts Council Wales research and development project, Boxing the Chimera.

I’ve called the show Pantechnicon – partly to reflect the wholesale transportation of goods, but I also like another, looser meaning of the word: a receptacle holding a large number of miscellaneous objects.

As such it can equally describe my studio, the ArcadeCardiff unit and the retail centre as well as indicating something about the journey between them.