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Herewith a few research notes:

  • Palladian architecture (on which the Palladian style of the bridges in Russell Gardens is based): from Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) a Ventian architect. Emphasis is on symmetry and proportion. Came to England through Inigo Jones (1573 -1652). The style was revived through the Earl of Burlington (1694-1753) who worked with architect and garden designer William Kent (1686-1748).
  • Art and architecture have been intimately connected in Britain since 16th century
  • Pergolas have nothing to do with pagodas! Pergola comes from the Latin pergula meaning projecting eave. Other Thomas Mawson examples of pergolas and pergola bridges are the Hampstead Pergola and the one at Eden Bridge Gardens.
  • Dan Graham: I am reacquainting myself with Dan Graham’s work and his interest in landscape architecture as a public manifestations of interactions between art, architecture, environment and audience.