After showing the film twice, I decided to re-record sections of the film as the dialogue was hard to hear and having made it easier to hear everyone’s voices seemed to go down an octave!

So I have a new recording of the architects talking – saying roughly what they were saying before.

The planned book is taking time due to various unexpected delays but hope to get on with that now!


The film took us so gently on a physical journey through the garden space, a mental journey through its history but also on an emotional journey – as we descended the space of the garden we explored some of the depths of what gardens and parks mean in times of sadness.  This beautiful film worked on so many different levels and it has fundamentally shifted the way in which I am able to experience and value Russell Gardens as made and continuing to be made by us all. (Diana Baldwin)

Wonderful feedback despite a few seconds glitch which made me feel mortified even if no-one noticed. Nearly cried but then decided not to.

More editing to do then!

Also a tiny bit more work on the sound I think.

Everything is different once the work is on the big screen and in a cinema sound system…but here’s hoping all will be well for next screening on 12 April.



So I finally dropped the film file off at the cinema today for uploading to their system. Fingers crossed it will play properly and look and sound good on the day.

I am making a book to accompany the film, though it won’t be ready for 12 March!! Have some lovely contributions so that is what I will be focusing on.



As I said, video/film editing software seems to have a mind of its own. Played back my “final” version and my final saves weren’t in there! So exporting now….. fingers crossed.


So, I am actually writing this as the video renders…. I can hear the computer whirring away.

I’ve had to quickly pick up working with the Adobe Premiere interface thanks to my truly excellent co-editor Ben Hunt. He has done a great job although I still find software has a mind of its own when it comes to the final edit: just when you think it is all done, you go back and find loads of glitches and frames in the wrong place.

The sound editor, Tom McCarthy, has done the best job possible, considering how unconsidered my recordings were.

Fingers crossed now with the export and testing at the cinema (Dover’s Silver Screen cinema). This is going to take a few days so I am cutting it a bit fine if there are any more edits to do.