I’ve noticed that the deposits on some of the recent works are somewhat fragile, sometimes resulting in diamond shaped fragments breaking away from the globular growths (it actually looks pretty good, but could be an issue with some of the future works I’m planning). I decided to give the electroforming bath a clean since deposits are visible on the base of the container. One of the main problems with electroforming in the studio, rather than in a dedicated lab is filtration. A decent filtration system is pretty expensive, so I’ve been using a fish tank filter. It work well… to a point. In other words it picks up the light deposits, but not the heavier larger pieces.

The whole process has taken most of the afternoon to remove and filter the solution (using tubes of blotting paper inserted in funnels) and to remove the thick gunk that has covered the bottom of the tank.

The good news is that the piece that’s being processed right now already seems to be growing better than previously, so cleaning the solution seems essential.