You can only do what you can do

Funny how life throws us these little challenges and the knock on effects of these. I have recently had to have a rethink how I do things in relation to my art. This is due to problems with my tendons in my right (and main) arm (tennis elbow). So certain (and many) actions make it sear with pain and anything involving anything heavy or resistance and twisting, is just impossible. This critically affects my digital art work, painting, stretcher making and canvas stretching. I can’t do the latter two at all, and the others I have to do just a little bit at a time.

So this has set me on a mission to find other ways to make my work. Currently I am looking into different companies to print my canvases, provide the stretchers and mount them for me. As luck would have it, there seems to be quite a few companies lately offering this at discount prices (and delivering). It is going to take a bit of trial and error, and I having to go smaller in the size of my work but it couldn’t be more opportune!

‘The Order of Things and ‘The Coward’ are two pieces I have recently had transferred to canvas and the latter I have started to paint on.

They will be worked on slowly….