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  1. 24.10.14 Majestic Studios


    I went today to visit Majestic Studios who were having an open day for 3 days to promote their presence.

    I need to visit artist studios in the next few months as much as possible as I need to find my own studio space at the end of the university experience in 2015.

    Majestic Studios have been set up for less than  2 years and have  been in their current location for less than a year.  I was greeted by Barbara Witkowska and Stacie Davies who are both Staffordshire University Fine Art ex students and they took the time to show me around and explain the ethos of the group and their beliefs and aspirations.  I had met Barbara before as part of The Crossing project at Litchfield Cathedral in which we both exhibited in 2013 so it was nice to re-establish that link.

    The studio space is also an exhibition space and they will have residencies and exhibitions planned for the future so its an exciting time for them.

    Corrie Whyte also has studio space there and it was very pleasing during my visit to Birmingham to see his work exhibited at the Birmingham Open, the winners of which are announced this coming thursday, good luck Corrie