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Today, after a long break we have our first day back at university.  I started the morning by going to visit the Artist and the City exhibition at the Potteries Museum to see my painting in situ.  I do feel that it is kind of cool as an experience and I especially like the presentation artist statement that accompanies the work.

Then over the road to Airspace to see the the solo show by graduate resident Naomi Harwin.  It is a fantastic opportunity for any graduate to apply for such a residency which includes a solo show within the 6 month residency and something for me to personally aspire to when applications are open later on this year.  Whilst I was there I also took the opportunity to pop up to visit Kornelia Herms who was working in the studios above the gallery to see what work she is doing now, having been a level 6 student last year.  Its great to get some advice from someone who is practicing as an artist after the university experience.

Then we were back in university in the afternoon to get the introduction to the final module which is all about resolution of our practice culminating in the end of year show.  It all seems terribly real now.