Once a month blogging isn’t really what I had in mind when setting out but while this time stuff insists on moving along at a record pace, it will just have to do I guess.

A month block is far too long a gap to relay and the A Vision of Utopia exhibition – which has been the main thing going on over that time – has been about the weirdest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Basically, almost noone in the town seems to know about it. I sort of feel like I’ve just had one of those rather odd dreams that leaves you with a peculiar feeling all the next day. Something doesn’t quite add up. There is some great work and hardly anyone will see it.

Anyway, I’m now looking forward to an exhibition in June that will be the result of a collaboration with a local business called Townhouse. I think they would describe themselves as web designers, but their creative output and ideas seems to span much further beyond that label.

The exhibition will be called ‘Artefacts from Forgotten Places’ and will re-examine some of the finds from my Hidden Landscapes project last year. It will focus on the artefact as the starting point and through a specially created app, designed by Townhouse, will use Beacons to create a spatially interactive, multilayered presentation. It’s been an interesting experience, trying to get my head around the technology and the potential of working within this other space. The place is the Cafe of the Letchworth Arts Centre. A rather small area for display, but with the app, the work can fold out into something much larger in content and depth. I love the idea that much of what I will be showing will be hidden unless you choose to go digging (and download the free app). A number of pieces I am making for it will be made to be seen exclusively on visitors’ phones or ipods.

Chatting through things at a meeting on Friday, with the guys at Townhouse, the possibilities seem to be endless. It’s very exciting to be given this opportunity to explore its potential within my work.