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Studio-Intensive Day 4

A day where things have turned around. Tidying completed. My overnight recording wasn’t quite as well-recorded as I had hoped but surprising amount to noise. Lots of birdsong though. Need to try again tonight. Collage finished, needed an extra island to cover glue I couldn’t remove. Daily drawing done.


Time to ask questions

A very basic, what sort of artist am I, apart from a  messy

I am very serious about it, and very motivated. I feel a constant need to understand things and find that understanding through art. Ideas that occur through just being in the world, through just living. But also, how things work, how materials work, what processes really do. I try to understand philosophical ideas through art as well as interpret them but find it difficult to do as short of reading time but am working on changing that. I love what I do by which I don’t mean that I love all the work I produce but I love the experimental aspect of finding things out. I perhaps should call myself an explorer if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. research is inherent within my practice, cannot have one without another. Which all adds up to work which is non-commercial. I think that nothing is finished because it just leads to more questions. I do think I have a place within the art world but need someone to believe in me more than `I believe in myself. That was hard to say but it is this questions leading to questions that makes a diffidence.


Found I am on the 66thA5 book of notes and ideas, always wondered whether I would have trouble identifying exactly the one that I wanted and I was right even though they are dated.