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I just wanted to post the last few bits and pieces I saw during my research residency. I didn’t get to see as much of the festival as I wanted however on my travels I did see Les Dudes in the square that were two guys performing a mini circus act. The guy on the left isn’t as good as the guy on his right and they used this in the performance although I do feel they could have highlighted more the imbalance of skill between the two. I particularly loved how they used soft toys as acrobats in slow motion jumping on and off mini props. In the crowd were a group of young school children that were gripped by their act. From the main programme I was really pleased to have seen the documentary film Ash & Money directed by Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper, which showed how Estonian theatre NO99 created a new political party. I nearly missed the film as the location was so badly noted on the map with no signage at the venue of where to go. If you get a chance watch the movie trailer below. I admire their determination, commitment to each political character, event ambition and the overall advertising campaign. I rarely say this about theatre, but this is a brilliant and original piece of work.

In the city of Tampere I was told that there is an ongoing battle for public space between the council and the public, particularly artists. Placed on the fronts of these telephone cable boxes are commissioned artists work. The boxes are everywhere and do not only display artwork in specific areas of beauty they can also be found on an empty street corner. I do feel we could use our public spaces more creatively to display artwork in Manchester. At the residency house I used half of it to hang out the washing, and I took this photograph. I like it I don’t know why, maybe as it visually sums up part of the domesticated experience of being an artist mother. Being located in a park made for a lovely setting for a family with a lake nearby to swim in. We somehow managed to get my work started and have family time that was equally important to have throughout the residency.

We are now back in Manchester and I am beginning to reflect on my banner research, future ideas, beginnings of conversations and the contacts I have made. Thinking about what the next step will be…