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Listed below are the comments written by the passing public in Tampere and artists at the residency studios of how to twin the cities together. What I found was that ‘Art’ wasn’t much of a priority in the general publics daily lives favoring more sports activity, eating and drinking. The artist made ‘Arty’ suggestions although one in particular read the other comments and incorporated that into a more creative idea. For example ‘food & beer’, ‘music’ could be used through a ‘live feed between pubs’. My particular favourite was ‘secret portal in a magic pub’ that again may have been read by the artist and negotiated into a real, possible execution with the ‘live feed’ concept.

One lady thought about using Instagram to take photographs of places to visit in the city that was not the obvious touristy choice. Football is very important in Finland and in Tampere I found out that the women’s league is very good and that they struggle for challenging opposition. Drama is not taught in schools and one teacher remarked that this is a problem making children very shy and reserved. The historical references were briefly mentioned once which was surprising as I had spoken about this to every person I met. Most people would not have engaged with the banner without me talking to them and getting them interested in the big idea. This has got me thinking about the quote: “There is no such thing as art. There are only artists” written by Gombrich from the book The Story of Art….

Banner comments:

Create new drink strawberry and tea blend

In Tampere they could learn to make Eccles cakes and in Manchester they could learn to make black sausage

Food & Beer

Marketing Tampere as ‘Manchester or Finland’

Family exchange

Man U Vs FC Ilves

Student, artist, professional’s exchange

Secret portal in a magic pub

Exchange theatre and applied drama studies

Good beer in both cities


Cultural exchanges

Get drunk play football

Instagram favourite places from both cities

Exchange for schools

In Tampere we eat a lot of chicken wings

Love is the answer what is the question?

Direct flights

Connect histories, similarity of industry

Girls Football tournament, Viva La Ilves!

Ice hockey game

Internet exhibition

Physical gallery

Artist football league

Making bunting together from Tampere to Manchester

Live feed between two pubs one in Tampere the other in Manchester

Post art to each artist ending in final exhibition