‘Untitled’ ,work in progress

* photograph of both parts of the installation together – to be provided

The viewer was properly challenged by not being provided with a title or any other clues. Some were attracted by the looping questions in suspense the work provoked.

The blue plastic bag  (x2) was an experiment added to the critiqued piece just the afternoon before. Once I put it up, I though it might be worth to see what it does. The blue bag was a main topic of discussion and fascination. The colour vibrancy remined of a market/corner shop, the lines of the stretchmarks made by the pull of gravity in reaction to the bottles inside have been classified as organic.

 I am glad that the detail true to the everyday in the form of a receipt inside the bag has been noticed. Contrast I noticed myself thanks to the crit was the fact the bags were too warn off for the weight of the bottles inside, I see this as a puzzle and for now can only suggest the effect was unintentional due to reusing the bags. If I had new unused bags I might still have gone for the used ones for my work because as a shopper I aspire to take the most advantage of the plastic bags.

The single bottle got comments on the fact the text on the label isn’t in English language, its amber colour was mentioned later in relation to the overall palette. It was unclear if all of the bottles are full or empty and why only one of the lids was off?

Suggestions of a mystery crime scene or perhaps a party are speculations provoked by the placement. The reduced set of objects suggest great significance and generate heavy ‘baggage’.


”Something between art, science and philosophical experiment is going on.” – S E Barnet 


It has been spoken about the pure materiality and relationship between the visual of the blue lines and the amber labeled nice shaped bottles. How all the components react to light and movement reveling their true self and origin in a play with perspective.

About the fixings I hope I am allowed to reveal in my analysis were found and used, no specific intentions behind the bags’ hanging which can be problematic. Every aspect has to have its purpose, its answer and decision behind it and in this case it does not provide it. Same goes for the quality of the surface the bottles were placed on, but in this particular case I was aware of the ‘crap’ seen inside and chose to keep it cozy.

What if and element was taken away? The bag would be empty, less important, in no reaction to the weight and out of context without the bottles on a side. They can go by themselves and at this point the bag seems more and more out of place. In this particular display the two parts bring conventional feeling and play with balance.

Literal would be the read of narrative in relation to alcoholism which is very subjective. I am definitely not in conversation about that and still will need to find a way to get as far as I can. Sadly, there is no guarantee I will manage to do so, after all beer is an alcoholic drink.

The engagement becomes problematized because of the chosen materials. Are the object meant to be looked at formally? There is loads of connections to be made to the plastic bag, does the bottle suggest the history of beer? It is not clear what and how it is meant to be seen.

I want to activate the bottle and the Shumensko brand and its significance. My concerns were others might not find it and classify my choice of object as too nostalgic and obvious.

I see now how I got annoyed then at a distraction I have placed myself and was left thinking the bottles were not interesting enough. The truth I have came to my dissertation topic as my studio practice is that keeping things specific is best. I am excited to see how things develop after Christmas.