Off with yon cloud, old Snafell ! that thine eye
Over three Realms (plus Grid) may take its widest range

Wordsworth 1833 (inc alteration )

Back to google images this Saturday morning attempting to find the site of the grid.

The last visit in 2012 ended up in failure as I went to the incorrect locale.

When I posted a google images photo up on my Facebook page at the time (of which I’m thankfully a former member since deactivation 16 months ago), Custodian R informed me that my journey had been for nothing.

Hopefully, Custodian R will join me on this occasion after our recent unsuccessful individual attempts.

Am I seeking a time long passed? I was 21 and am now 40.

I accept and acknowledge that the original concept of The Grid was essentially juvenile…a bunch of students pissing about on a summer break.

Ought the traditional notion of the myth be profound, grown up, serious and mature?



50 minute run completed this evening – Grid training.

I need to take some basic waterproof gear to The Island after walking through the river at the foot of Snaefell in 2012. I’ll consider taking a holy staff this time around.

I will start packing soon for our pilgrimage, but there are still spaces to be stared into – so I’ll do that instead.

I’ll be leaving from Birkenhead which will be strange. The boat usually sails from either Heysham or Liverpool. This will be a first for me.

All has gone quiet from Custodian R recently – perhaps he’s still working on the creation of a Gridometer to aid our mountainside search.




Snaefell Mountain, The Isle of Man awaits the latest pilgrimage of Custodian M and Custodian R. It will happen somewhere between 27.12.14 – 30. 12.14.

This is rigorous academic inquiry. This is a framework for nothing in particular.

I drift around the yellowing paper draws at my nans in 1986 and chew upon a sickly sweet grid shaped toffee.  Reverie Suite reversed.

Tynwald…’O Land of Our Birth.’

I’m not altogether sure that we’ll find The Grid. 1995 was a long time ago. If it was removed – who’d remove it? It has to be there – somewhere.

I’m now forty. I was then dans my significant early 20’s.

Swig coffee. Washing machine rumbles it’s monotonous monotony. Clocks tick here on a Sunday. 12.38pm.

So we find it…then what? Do we leave it there and walk away? Would it be appropriate to de-myth the myth and bring it back to my North East Lincolnshire home and site it next to my plastic Statue of Liberty bought from the Battery Island ferry terminal NYC in 1999?

I will pour coke upon the said artefact as I did so in 1995. A juvenile re – enactment devoid of politicale candor. What is the significance of the brown fizzy stuff?

Perhaps Custodian R could take it back with him to Greece? Myth. Barthes would approve? Language is piss funny.


‘i was thinking the laxey mines could be extended so they go under snaefell to an underground car park under the museum. There could also be a tram running in this tunnel, alongside the two way road. Then elevators could bring the punters up to the museum…’ Via iphone



‘I have already booked a rental car for when I am there so it will be easy to get to the object of which one must not speakHow about designing a grid museum to be erected on spot with tea room etc. And make a full proposal with architects model estimated costs etc…’

Proposed Grid museum to be constructed on land above site:

Financial projection:

entry fee (adults)

entry fee (children/students/OAPs)

group discount (groups over 20 persons)

expected average spending per peron – tea-room

expected average spending per peron – gift shop


projected daily vistors (adults)

projected daily vistors (children/students/OAPs)

projected daily vistors (groups)

projected revenue – tea-room

projected revenue – tea-room

Total projected Daily Revenue

Total projected annual revenue