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We are way behind our initial schedule, mostly due to conflicting availabilities, which delayed when we could meet up and work. Also perhaps from the outcome of our workshops we didn’t realise the number of different routes we could take this project. As planned from the beginning, we want to spend the the bursary money to buy materials to create a prototype to test our idea, so it is important for us to settle on one idea to explore in this phase of the project before we start to buy and build things.

After a few more meetings we had post the second workshop, we decided to settle on developing the mutable drawing surface idea, where the surface responds to the person drawing on it and therefore changing what is drawn.

We are currently designing and sourcing materials and we will draw up a new schedule that includes building the prototype, testing, discussing the result and then planning the next stage of the project.

We will be back next year with more updates.

Wishing you all a happy new year.