I’ve taken the xmas break as an opportunity to get out into the countryside, walk miles, run away from sheep (scarier than you think when they want to chase your dog!) and take lots of photos of snowy, misty countryside. I’ve enjoyed the break from thinking about how I become a viable business and have felt more creative from being out walking.

We found an amazing woodland up a hill and in the middle of fields, that was full of glass bottles, tin buckets, jars and broken ceramics, I’d heard of this bottle dump but never been able to find it, so the plan is to return when the ground is less frozen to dig for interesting bits of glass, I did find one piece of thick victorian style glass which found its way into my backpack.

I optimistically had taken my sketchbook out with me, but sketching clouds on wet paper while you stand on a frozen hill top is not that much fun…


Switching sides of the brain

A real struggle for me is switching from my logical side to my creative side, I know I won’t make any artwork this week because my head is in working on the business side of my practice. This is because once I start making and creating, I won’t want to switch back to logical, concise thinking. I will want to get into that flow of losing time and space in the act of making something. So wihile doing all this logical stuff, I will get very daydreamy and start planning what I will be making next Long term I can’t maintain this, because eventually, just like a river, I will get pulled back out into the rapids and HAVE to start making.

Or I will end up being very very grumpy…

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Exhbition – Aesthetics of Africa

I have some work in the Small Gallery at Pickfords House in Derby, this was a commission from Derby City Council to produce a contemporary interpretation from the African Collection held by the museum.

I worked mainly with the Ibeji Figure, a statue that represents a dead child or baby that was born a twin. As I have twins living in my house this was especially poignant to me.