I have been trying several things on my pursuit of happiness. So far there have been a few disasters, which have just caused me stress. And some successes, swimming has set a whole course of ideas and is possibly leading to a collaboration involving lots of technical things. The demolition of my ramshackle and dangerous asbestos garage has helped immensely, especially with the memories that it was tightly holding onto, these have therapeutically been driven to the nearest recycling centre. The garden has opened up and suddenly my head no longer has a domineering dilapidated building sitting on the left.

Its also willow pruning season. So a couple of trips up to the labyrinth in the Derbyshire countryside have led to long stretches in the cold sun hadve put paid to my SAD and put it away for the winter. I also went along to the Green Hare Willow Group at the local school and while the gardening experts pruned, trimmed and did sensibly stuff, one of the mums (also an artist) and I made stars and moons to counteract the predominatly christian teachings of school. This has also led to talking about partnering for community projects with the lovely and talented Emma Carr.

And then yesterday morning, a Tai Chi class has left me feeling centred and calm despite the fact that my hands and feet do not work in conjunction with one another.

But at the heart of all these activities? Friends and children. They are the main things that have brought me happiness. So simple.


And hello sunshine! I feel as though I have woken from hibernation…

And in a sense, I have. I haven’t done much during the dark winter months, and last week, woke up and had a studio photographic session of my work from the Figure of Africa exhibition at Pickfords House. The exhibition has closed so I wa able to pick my work up and get some lovely shot done.

And here they are.

Oh, I also got a reidency at The Arbortetum, Derby, which will take place in July. Very very happy about that.