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Most days whilst I’m working on a study, I often get asked ‘Why biro?’, and honestly? I’m not too sure. I’ve been drawing with biro pens for the last 5 years, and I find it utterly satisfying looking back on my drawings from a few years ago, and seeing how much I have improved. However, I still don’t really have an answer as to why I like drawing in a biro pen.

Its strange, isn’t it? How something so simple and an everyday object, can become something so special to me. I stock up on bic biro pens, so I know I will always have another waiting in line when I finish the ink in the pen I am using. I often get asked whether the pen gets blotchy of it leaks on me. No, no it doesn’t leak.. and of course they tend to go blotchy as you’re beginning to reach the end of the pen, and that’s when you decide whether or not to move onto the next pen, or whether to  dab the pen tip and hope for the best. Seeing a empty pen is ever so satisfying. It’s not often that someone, if anyone, manages to complete a pen, until the very last bit of ink is on your page; The pens tend to go missing, or you can never remember what pen you were previously using, so you grab whatever one is at the top of your pencil case.

I love how bold the blue ink makes my drawings look. Blue. Yes, always blue. Medium blue bic biro pen. I have tried drawing in other colours, black, red and green to be prescise. But there’s just something about the blue biro pen. I can get so many different shades and it captures the eye instantly with the bold colour.

Using biro pens to draw tends to shock people, they don’t expect me to draw with such a common object. People always assume I paint or draw with pencils, I love creating a piece of art out of something so simple and unexpected.