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The Thought for Food a-n professional development bursary was in part allocated to curatorial feedback and with a growing body of work, the time is now right to gain some feedback. For me, this is a vital part of the process, I am so close as to be totally and wholly immersed in the production of the paintings and drawings, and an outside eye will be a much needed check and balance.

The first meeting is scheduled for February 2018 – which sits neatly after the final Thought for Food evening that is focussed on Boundaries. The preparation for this has been fascinating – a useful by product of the Christmas and New Year holidays being time to read more and develop the thinking around the work. It has also given more time to devote to walking the land that I depict in the work. The physical knowledge of the soil under one’s feet impacts on the application of paint as much as cerebral and visual stimuli.

I am looking forward to having time to fully discuss the ideas in the work and to find out if it has any currency outside the safety of the studio.