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This post will be about creating animations from the photographs I take in nature. The title Re-animation of the Stopped Motion very simply describes my process of how I am trying to work this out. The photographs I´ve taken, and also mentioned in the previous post are longer exposure photographs, approximately 2 seconds long. By exposing the landscape for a couple of seconds, I am capturing the natural movements. But in this post what´s more important is the compression of the time in the photographs put again in a digital motion in the animation. Here is one of the photographs from the last post for illustration.


The process of re-animation has brought to my work many new ideas and thoughts. Instead of just capturing the landscape, I started to think about building one, also it made me think about digitalizing the landscape and trying not to push back the digital aspects in my work because I realized that I quite like it. Here is one of the first animations, around 6 seconds long, preferably played on the loop.

Please use this link to see the animation on YouTube.

The movement is not fluid, but you know that is still there. I think the digital almost glitchy movements work really well with the light drawings created by the synthetic materials that I used to capture the movement.

The second animation is slightly different. The animation itself is a series of 12 photographs 4 times on the loop and with each round, the image zooms in a bit. I plan to experiment further with the animations by studying the reflectiveness of the light, scale, projection, and length of the animations.

Please use this link to see the animation on YouTube.

I like the investigative part of my work, sometimes when I am just standing behind the camera on a tripod and waiting for the trees to move. Sometimes I can get bored too, so it is not always an entertaining process, but at least it clears my head.