Sinead (2018), acrylics on canvas

Time: 11.17 am

Location: Temple St. Studios, Wolverhampton

Mood: Trudging On..

Listening To: Just the sound of my heater! As it’s a bit cold in here this morning..

So it’s been a good few weeks since my last blog..I have just been very busy with one thing or another..but on the whole I think things are looking a lot better. So this short post will just be an update really on everything that has been happening over the past few weeks!

I have also had much inspiration from others around me lately; my one friend from university has recently had her own solo show at a local gallery and my own mentor has had his first group show at his studios in Stourbridge and is having much success with his coaching and helping other artists.  Additionally we had our first group crit night here at Temple Street Studios and for the first time I was able to explain my artwork properly to people and I felt that the work had roots and meaning. We have our first group show of the year coming up with opening night next Friday 4th May 6-9pm; the show then runs from 5th-20th of May. There is also plans to put on two art fairs here later this year. I finally feel part of the start of something great, and this week I have just been working on pieces for the show next week.

In terms of everything else…I’m still on the hunt for a part time and hopefully creative job and also still remain at my local handmade shop too. I have had interviews for general part time jobs – one at an arts and crafts retailer last week – but didn’t get it. This was quite frustrating as I know I probably should be aiming for something higher than retail, and possibly gallery or mentoring related. I’m not being big headed in any way..but I was possibly over qualified – I was good at the job I felt – and very helpful on the shop floor as I know a large amount about both art and craft. But I am guessing it was more than likely given to a younger person after their first job – either that or my face simply didn’t fit…and neither did my pink hair..

So I will keep looking, as I’m still really struggling financially at the moment. However mentoring remains a strong possibility as I’m continuing to assist a university student who I’ve been helping for a while now. She is disabled and suffers from a pain disorder; continuing hospital appointments and strong medication leaves her often behind in her university written and practical work tasks. I am currently helping her with work for the current and final semester of her third year, and am also being paid. However regardless of money – It’s something that I actually really enjoy doing.

In terms of practical work things are steadily progressing in that I have produced some more pieces in the new style, including Sinead (above). I am now starting to work out what pieces to produce and add to my first collection. On Thursday I also have a meeting with my mentor Dean about discussing next steps. Additionally I have also been working on a new website that will professionally showcase the new work only. It’s very simple and there is pretty much only a landing page and ‘about’ page at the moment which you can currently view at .

I have also been making decisions about my current Etsy shop; and have decided to keep this and rebrand it according to the new style, and have been working on other pieces – more commercial faces which I can sell as prints or greetings cards. Although not many, I do receive some sales on there and this has been increasing this year. However I’m still undecided about leaving the hand made shop I am currently in. From a business sense perspective, because I just only make my rent or less each should be that I leave. However I’m still procrastinating about it or whether to rebrand my display according to the new work and try yet again. However I’ve been here before – many times, and things have still not improved because after all, it’s a gift shop and people prefer buying jewellery etc than art or prints..and in the mean time…the year is flying by. So some decisions and leaps still need to be made.

So ..with all updates complete, thank you for reading. Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Join me next time – hopefully over the next week or so – where I will be talking about my meeting with Dean and where things go from here with my work!