out of the windows the shadows are becoming long as the sun sets at a reflective time of year for many reasons.

later today i’ll close the studio door after working in the studio for potentially the last time in 2o23. in later november i took part in the open studios event, where the whole of the banks mill studio complex is open to the public for an evening and two days.

through the event i engaged with visitors through an offer to play tic tac toe and recorded 171 engagements and 38 games. my favourite comments were;

“thanks, been random and very interesting”

“thank you. i haven’t played that for ages.”

me “would you like to play a game of noughts and crosses?”

visitor “no, i always loose”


since the open studios i’ve started making again and i’m enjoying the balance of making and laptop based assignment stuff i need to do currently.

quite soon after the open studios event i had the cold thing that was going around at the time. i stayed at home for the duration. once i felt better i have come into the studio as much as possible. something has clicked with me in terms of getting out of the house to work at my practice and i’m ok that the practice does feel in an early stage again. it does after all go with the territory of completing work and starting something new.

between you and me i’m dreading when the residency comes to an end and i think its this that is motivating me to get into the studio at every opportunity.


i look forward to the break now and coming back in january with a renewed outlook and new opportunity.