Back to the future….. Since starting my research I have always relied on the effect of the sun as the major activator for the colour change in my TLCs. Of course, the amount of change depends on the weather conditions, time of the day and season and, while I appreciate the unpredictability of the natural variants, I started to think about the flexibility of having the glass installation installed in front of a wall or in the middle of the room instead of against a window.

So, I started to look for ways to heat the glass electrically and I tried incorporating ITO coated glass in the lamination with TLCs (ITO is a transparent, electrically conductive coating that is applied to the glass and will heat up if an electric current is applied).

Unfortunately, I am now entering the unfamiliar territory of electronics and I have serious problems understanding many of the technical details… Anyway, I did some tests using ITOGLASS 12 (12 ohms/square ITO) and got some effective results as this video shows – Glass Changing Colour with TLCs

To apply electricity to the glass I used conductive adhesive copper tape, conductive paint or metal mesh. Since glass is transparent and all of these will be visible, it is important to position them in such a way that they become a decorative element of the overall design..

It is interesting to see how the heat spreading over the glass depends on the different locations of the electrical connections.

Before I commit myself to a specific method I also want to try using ITO Polyester film coated on one side with some TLCs instead of ITO glass. Another option worth trying is to laminate a Thermal-clear Transparent Heater to the glass. The major problem with all these options is that the materials are very expensive and, generally, have to be imported from the US. I’ve been trying to exercise my charms to get suppliers to let me have small samples instead of having to buy complete sheets, but I am rapidly running out of favours!

I’ve booked a space for a solo exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen next year to show what I have been doing, so I am now under pressure to actually get some work completed and ready to show!!