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I started testing the use of TLCs with glass about 1 year ago and, at the beginning, it was essential to understand the properties and limitations the TLCs provided, to choose the ones that would have the most effect and would add that element of interaction in the glass applications and that I had in mind.

There are various kinds of TLC with all different characteristics. Some are oily and work well once mixed with silicone which can be applied by spreading them on the entire surface of the glass to be laminated. Others are water based soluble designed for spraying which offer lots of potential in creating specific designs.

In general, all the TLCs worked well and were responsive to changes in temperature as I had hoped. However, after a few months I noticed that where the sprayable TLCs were used delamination was starting to occur meaning that there is an incompatibility between the silicone and the TLCs.

The compatibility of the TLCs with the silicone is the biggest issue that I have to resolve and I am now looking into alternative methods of lamination as well as using different binders for the sprayable TLCs.

Inevitably, when experimenting with new materials there are some promising and exciting results, but also lots of frustrating dead ends. Sometimes I feel like I am walking in a labyrinth, with a centre I aiming for, but many blind turnings I have to attempt to go down before I can find my way!