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i’m getting better with applying opportunities.  i’ve learnt the benefit of putting the application together early and spending time editting and refining.  this is in the majority  down to my dyslexia.

it’s also in part due to finding opportunities to which i feel i fit better.

this in turn is down to making things that resonate with me.


i accpet that i’m no where near ready to do be part of the kind of opportunity i dream of being part of.  this is a two tiered readiness.  i’ll not go into details.


something that keeps returning is the thought of not chasing the money.  one day i will have personal connections that will lead me to money through what i do. …. …. through who i am.  that’s the main dream … being paid for being me.


i don’t know if this is naive.


i don;t know if i should admit such personal things.


i do find it easier to talk about me than the work i make and i hope this to be a strength.  of the work …. i’d rather that the audience are free of shackles imposed by me and smile when i realise that in not imposing any shackles do actually impose something.  by doing this i am asking the viewer(s) to look and be at one with what i have made.  i see this as resonating with the beginnings of abstraction where the paintings were being asked to be viewed in a different manner than paintings that had been before


is there potential here for something for next year ….