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i’ve spoken with my accountant.


it’s the time of year when i finally stop putting off getting all the papers out and spreading them on the living room floor, ordering them, recording them and sending a neat package to the accountants.

before i begin, a phone call to the office. “should i do this still?”  he reassured me that the substantial losses i’m building up will help in the event of my earnings regaining the levels i had some years ago. so yes i should.

a crunch point occurred in the conversation when he mentioned” the revenue “.  i am still a business intending to make a profit he said and the revenue might decide that actually what i do is more like a hobby.

i was ok with this notion while on the phone.  with cup of tea and bagel i’m thinking that something can be different here … however how to make it different.

in reflecting about ending this blog, i’ve fancied starting another and calling it “are you cats drilling?” from the izzard sketch.

today i fancy more the title “hobby or business?”


in my thoughts i handle concepts way bigger than i can express visually or written.if spoken it might be easier.


there seems to be a possible choice looming.  the question today is do i make it or have an external agency make it for me?


it’s a question that needs time before it can be answered.


in pointing out the situation, my accountant has helped me …