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another conversation with the office of the accountant today. further claification of the hobby senario.  further thoughts about the ongoing status of the self employment.

this morning i’ve seen mark carr’s blog for the first time.  i’ve not read everything yet however i did get a sense of that need to be doing formal residency positions to feel that one’s practice is an entity that has meaning.  to use business language for a moment, the market for residency participants is a saturated one.


the hobby senario as described by the accountant actually works well for an artist.  the revenue looks at the hobby as something one does for oneself.  how many artists want to make work for themsleves?


for those artists being paid, how many of you get paid for just being you and doing what you want to make?  the paying artists campaign suggests currently that the model for artists doing their thing and showing it in public galleries is for the majority a hobby as the vast majority don’t get paid.


do you have to be paid to be considered an artist?  do you have to be paid to view oneself as an artist?


are you driven to make something in response to an inquisitiveness about what your idea might look like?


i’m asking these questions of you.


they are of course to myself as well.


happy belated solstice 2014 xx