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for sometime i’ve been a member of the isadora user community via their forum. i rarely mention it on this blog as i perceive there to be a gap between the two communities that some how i traverse.

the isadora community share knowledge on the forum.  i’ve learnt a lot about the application and it’s possibilities. (1)

i mention this part of my sphere of interest as this evening i’ve recieved notification of a comment on a thread i’m an active member of.

“…….. thanks to your help and tutorials. I am going to be composing music and producing a show for our local professional ballet company next year and hoping to integrate eMotion, motion capture, Isadora and Ableton Live.I’ve got some fun investigation and experimentation ahead of me! ”


in june of 2014 i recorded some emotion tutorials and linked them to the isadora forum.  emotion is the work of some french dudes and the videos of their work with emotion are breath taking.  before my tutorials there was very little infomation about how the programme worked.  from what i gleened on the forum and playing with emtion, i taught myself about what it does and made tutorials accordingly.  my hope was that by sharing what i’d been able to learn it might help others by speeding up their production time.

in the autumn of 2014 i learnt of an experimental work in austria that had benefitted by the work i’d done on the tutorials.

for the record, here’s a link to the first emotion tutorial.


i think i need to reconsider why i edit myself and what i do relative to the a n blogging platform.  i suspect that i’m transfixed on the model of artist that breaks new ground in human knowledge and expresses that in a new to human kind kind of way.  i wonder if those golden days of discovery are past …. or simply evolved to be something else.

i need to loose my embarresment of not being a painter …   detox myself of the  people  who see art as being simply about painting.


not to self: stand tall, be proud of what you do.


(1) http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussions