Well it all came together in the end, and I submitted 6 pieces of work for my degree show. There are four fine art pieces and two photography.

After a lot of negotiating I was given a room in the corner of the gallery which has been customised for my needs. I wanted to give the impression of a small church. This fits with my Virgin Mary related work as well as creating a small, intimate space which my painting can dominate.

Both my painting and my photography work make up an installation in the space, entitled Stella Maris. The painting sits at one end of the space and the photography is on the other three walls. This consists of four panels covered in photographs and found items and images . These are attached to the wall using mirror screws and are intended to mimic the stained glass windows in a church. At the end opposite the painting, there is a large portrait of a woman recreating a pose from a renaissance painting of the Virgin Mary.

Around the other side of a partition wall from this installation is a model of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is a 3-D representation of a painting I made in the second year and it is entitled The Soul of Soulless Conditions. It is made from a medical model, with a candle on top representing the flame, and a sword and roses attached. In this space there is also my cross-stitch entitled Labyrinth, which is positioned in the doorway and can be seen from the entrance of the gallery.

I have one other piece of work in a different gallery and that is my small tin of grass entitled A Little Piece of Home. It needed natural light and so it had to be positioned in a different place. This stands alone on a plinth.