Saturday, June 25, 2016
12:00 AM
Including coach from Norwich Departing from OPEN, Bank Plain, Norwich. 10am (return 10pm>) Without Transport Meeting at Joyland, Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth. 11am
East England

Artist presenting:

Adam Pugh | Alan Kane | Alex de Almeida & Francis Woolf | Glen Jamieson | James Metsoja | Jonathan P Watts | Kathryn Ferry | Lynda Morris | Tristan Reed | Plus various hosts from Great Yarmouth and Artists exhibiting in Life and Leisure – Postcards from (and to) Great Yarmouth

1 WOW OF A TIME ! will take inspiration from the history of the day trip and look at how it has helped to shape and change the physical and psychological nature of Great Yarmouth.

A tour has been devised that will explore how the tourist industry has steered the cultural landscape of Great Yarmouth, helping to make it the unique place it is today. For many it is their year-round home, and visitors come and go, providing a source of income and livelihood, and affecting the shape and nature of the place. We will visit some of the architectural highlights that have been created to feed the tourist machine that rolls in and out of the town like the lapping of the waves, but responding to a seasonal rather than a lunar pull.


  • Including coach from Norwich
    £15 or £10 concessions (plus £1 booking fee)