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    May 19, 2021
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    November 14, 2021
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Every cloud …

Update: I still find it hard to believe just how supportive the curator and exhibition organiser were when I met with them on Wednesday – the day after realising that I simply could not show the placard pieces.   We […]

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Nothing would disturb me

The second in the series of Geometric sculptures, the Icosahedron, made it’s first appearance at National Trust property Sandham Memorial Chapel this March 2020, in a group exhibition of contemporary art by CAS Artists called Saturated Space. In platonism and […]

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Church of David Hockney

A site specific collaboration between Tony Spencer & Peter McGinnis creating work for Arches Open Studio 2019. The work a kneeler reconstructed from reclaimed pallet wood, invites the audience to climb steps and perform the act of kneeling in front of a suspended […]

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Leave No Trace

Site specific art – hand printed lace wallpaper.

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It was great to finally get the boulders installed at Holding The Fort*, but even though I had prepared myself that the work which had seemed so big in my studio would appear much smaller in its new context, it […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

  It is the final weekend for M. On Monday morning I shall drive a hire van over to Uppsala and with the help of Henny, the Art Cube’s artistic leader, pack it up and bring it back to Enköping. […]

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Now Showing #263: The week’s top exhibitions

Five recommended shows from across the UK, including: Polly Apfelbaum’s large-scale site-specific works at Ikon, Birmingham, a new film by Ulla von Brandenburg at Whitechapel Gallery, London, and works by three collaborative duos in Inverness.

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