The second in the series of Geometric sculptures, the Icosahedron, made it’s first appearance at National Trust property Sandham Memorial Chapel this March 2020, in a group exhibition of contemporary art by CAS Artists called Saturated Space.

In platonism and Sanskrit the Icosahedron represents the element Water. It was therefore a fitting tribute to the paintings of Stanely Spencer, depicted in the repetitive cleansing and the solace he found in a safe space lying between two bath tubs.

Visitors at the opening night on 11 March 2020 were able to experience an live performance by sound artists Tony Spencer and Samantha Britton (both trained sound therapists) while the orange-gowned bodies of artists’ Maija Liepins and Christine Dodd weaved and crawled, and flowed around one another and through the space, providing a unique site-specific experience, memorable for audiences of the night.

After the show in the chapel, the sculpture was installed in the adjacent exhibition complete with a pre-recorded soundscape. Tony Spencer’s sound-installation ‘Nothing Will Disturb Me’ responded to the Chapel’s function as a place for experiencing healing. Within the work there is a contemplative space.

The geometric structure, made from reclaimed pallet wood is the second in a 5 part series of sacred geometric shapes which will be revealed at shows taking place throughout Hampshire as part of Tony’s collaborative research and development project Nothing ‘Is’ Immediate, funded by Arts Council England Project Grants. As each artist responds to Tony’s artworks, they will collectively journey through the elements which correspond with the five platonic solids. You can follow our process on Spencers blog throughout 2020. @tonyspencerarts #nothingisimmediate







This blog was written by Maija Liepins for #NothingIsImmediateNothiong