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Five ways Nothing ‘is’ Immediate can support Wellbeing

The sculptures omit sounds, rich in harmonics and musical intervals. Listening to the sounds produces a response in the brain’s neuro oscillation. The sounds slow the rhythmic activity down from gamma to alpha, benefiting you by relaxing the nervous system. […]

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Nothing is Immediate Studio Soft Opening

You’re cordially invited to the opening of my new studio and the soft launch of my ACE project Nothing ‘is’ Immediate. I built the studio with the help of artist Peter McGinnis during Lockdown, creating a resourceful space to complete […]

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Blog about a series of new work I am creating exploring the five Platonic solids through sculpture and associated therapeutic sounds, creating sound installations designed for welbeing and holistic engagement.

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Day Figure

Tog-Figurn (Day-Figures, 1930) Debora Vogel was born on the 4th of January. And to mark this day here is a short piece referring to her Top-Figurn poetry collection, an example of literary Cubism with its characteristic play of contours, colours […]

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I will be starting my new Residency in Rock House Art School on Monday 27 April.  I will be the first artist in residence in this new place. I am looking forward to continuing and developing the ideas from working […]

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OPEN AFTERNOON IN THE CHURCH The afternoon went well. 15 people came to each of the Readings on Silence sessions and other people visited between times.  As promised I will list the four books from which I read extracts: The […]

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