The Cello Factory
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Friday, April 12, 2019
33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ
The London Group

Drawing Distinctions is a collaborative exhibition of drawings between The London Group artist collective in London UK and the Faculty of the Art and Design Department and invited Alumni of the University of Wisconsin Stout Menomonie USA.

The artists, designers and craft practitioners were asked to contribute one work under a maximum size that was easily transportable internationally and could be hung unframed directly onto the wall; contributing to an exhibition of drawings , finished or unfinished providing an insight into the thinking and creative process of the maker.

The aim of the exhibition is to show international comparisons across a wide range of drawing practices from a collection of Art, Design and Craft disciplines, hence the title Drawing Distinctions. To draw distinctions is to show and underline differences, in this case the many ways of approaching drawing for differing purposes, reasons and ideas. Yet as the practise of drawing takes on many guises and serve many functions, its definition will always remain in open debate. For this exhibition Drawing was very widely defined as two dimensional in nature involving the developmental process of an idea whether objective, subjective, observational, instructional and /or informational , in any medium or media and process whether conventional, unconventional or experimental.

Drawing Distinctions will hopefully enlighten possibilities of what drawing is and can be, and contribute to the continuing debate and enquiry as to its definition. It will be firstly be shown in The Furlong Gallery on the university campus in Menomonie in September and October 2018 and then will travel to the home of The London Group at The Cello Factory in London for April 2019.

Wendy Anderson, Robert Atwell, Daniel Atyim, Andrea Avery, Emily Beck, Slawomir Blatton, Rachel Bruya, Clive Burton, Renee Carrell, Nathan Clark, John Crossley, Carey Dean, Bill Dehoff, Paul DeLong, Andy Ducett, Mark Dunford, Angela Eames, Paula Elliot, Erik Evensen, Amy Fichter, James Faure Walker, Tricia Gillman, Susan Haire, Aude Herail Jager, Martin Heron, Tom Hollenback, Richard Hutter, Samantha Jarman, Annie Johns, Judith Jones, Jeff Lowe, Charles Matson, Lume Bill Miller, Genetic Moo, Charlotte Mortennson, Ian Parker, Janet Patterson, Chris Poulton, Daniel Preece, Robert Price, Victoria Rance, David Redfern, Bryan Ritchie, Dean Samens, Bill Schulman, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, Kari Tarr, Mike Tarr, Paul Tecklenberg, Darren Tesar, Tim Tozer, Bill Watson, Tisna Westerhof, Charles Wimmer, Joshua Wilichowski, Erika Winstone, David Wiseman, Patricia Zontelli.

Times 2 – 6pm daily

Private View – Tuesday 2nd April 2019 6 – 8 pm

Artists Talks – Friday 12 April 6 – 8.30 pm

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(Posted by Sandra Crisp on behalf of Clive Burton and The London Group)