Patriothall Gallery
Saturday, October 5, 2019
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, EH3 5AY
Olga Kaliszer

I am interested in exploring how the political potential of art can be activated, not necessarily in subject matter that is overtly political or in artistic strategies that set out to be political but more in the way that art can redistribute established patterns of meaning assigned through perceptual experience.

The commonplace, unnoticed, everyday as subject matter lends itself especially well to this purpose because its very familiarity makes it particularly susceptible to dislocation bringing into view that which is often overlooked.

I use a variety of media but predominantly audio-visual, photography and printmaking in which I adopt aesthetic strategies of framing, abstraction and duration both in the collection of material and in post-production subverting convention to dislocate the everyday.

This work functions in the liminal space between moving image and traditional print. Using the photopolymer print process to transcribe digital film, it deconstructs the moving image frame by frame to capture often unnoticed instantaneous gesture. Even though photopolymer is a modern innovation, in appearance its archival quality emulates the historically much older photogravure process and thus contrasts instantly disposable and transient digital technology.