198 Contemporary Art and Learning
Thursday, October 5, 2017
06:00 PM
198 Railton Road London SE24 OJT
Inland Projects

Join the INLAND team at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, to experience a portable exhibition in zine format that scratches the surface of the intangible topic of gender. For this iteration of INLAND we have teamed up with Smart Heart to curate an exhibition that includes performance and video alongside the printed images from the zine.

For it’s second edition, Neither, INLAND explores ideas around gender. How is gender constructed? What is the impact of gender on identity? How can we challenge perceived gender norms through the creative process? INLAND#2 draws together a strong selection of artists taking on diverse approaches to this topical motif through painting, sculpture, photography and the written word.

Part of the DIY ethos of INLAND is accessibility. The work of participating artists is made available in printed form and can be sent out in order to create an exhibition in almost any space. Together the INLAND team and Smart Heart educators will join forces with a group of young people, exploring the ideas touched on in the zine alongside ideas around curation and display. The young people will then deconstruct a copy of the zine, taking ownership over the content and curating the exhibition.

Participating artists include:
Andrea Tavolaro, Anne Cecile Surga, Boudicca Collins, Catherine Scutts, Chris Ilankovan, Emily Morey, Flora Bradwell, Grace, Helen Tate, Hynek Martinec, Isobel Atacus, Lily Hudson, Lisa Willgress, Mars Gomes, Nathan David Smith, Paul Coombs, Sarah Jane Moon, Sexcentenary, Shirin Kavin, Siobhan Stanley, Sylwia Narbutt

INLAND#2:Neither has been made possible through support from the ASC Development Fund. ASC launched the fund in 2016 in order to help ASC resident artists and organisations realise projects that contribute towards artist development and community engagement.

Contact: [email protected]