Following an approach by the Art Party – Bob and Roberta Smith’s imaginative collaboration with Start Cameron, Director of Scarborough-based Crescent Arts – a-n is offering Go and See Art Party bursaries to help artist-led initiatives and groups attend what promises to be one of the most important events in the visual arts calendar.

Over 3000 artists are expected to attend The Art Party Conference on 23 November. The event will showcase a wealth of artistic talent with opportunities for debating the future of arts and education. There will be artists’ interventions, performances, film screenings, music, readings, happenings, stands, stalls, speakers, the digital fringe and installations featuring artists including Jeremy Deller, Haroon Mirza, Cornelia Parker, John Smith and Mark Wallinger.

Kicking off the event will be an Art Party March through Scarborough, whilst AIR Council member Joseph Young will be delivering a provocation on art education. Artists can also attend a special AIRTIME networking session where a-n, AIR Council members and other experts will advise on how artists can ‘stand up for their practice’, including hearing about the Paying artists camapign.

Artist-led ‘take a stand’

a-n is offering bursaries of £300-500 to non-funded groups that will enable them to ‘take a stand’ there, supporting artist-led initiatives in getting a platform to reveal their practices, projects and ultimately extend their peer networks.

a-n Director Susan Jones said: “There’s a huge danger as arts funding is ever-squeezed that the value of the artist-led risks being omitted from the ‘stories’ about what actually ensures great art. The ‘cultural capital’ that emanates from the energies and imaginations of the artist-led has been clearly demonstrated in my own research and through a-n’s seminal NAN project.”

“The bursaries follow on from a-n’s recent publication Signpost which featured artist and Royal Standard member Kevin Hunt’s selected ‘Hot 100’ that is generating much debate and interaction around the breadth and vibrancy of the UK’s artist-led initiatives.”

a-n’s Go and see, Re:view and New collaborations bursaries are part of a commitment to supporting self-determined artists’ professional development within a programme that also includes AIRTIME fast-paced information and networking sessions, the seminar programme and online and expert

To apply for a Go and See Art Party Bursary visit:

More on – Re:view, Granted, Videos and Practical guides. – searchable listings with links, includes current Professional development opportunities and Awards