a-n is seeking an artist from the UK with a variety of skills and a wide range of experiences to join Artists Council for the remainder of the current three-year term 2019-22. Applications from Scotland or Northern Ireland based artists are particularly welcome.

Artists Council is an advisory group to the Board and Executive of a-n The Artists Information Company. Artists Council plays a key role in advising and getting involved in advocacy, lobbying and developing programmes such as the Paying Artists campaign and creation of Exhibition Payment Guidance.

In the past two years Artists Council has attended international conferences such as the International Artists Association in Bratislava, Slovakia, developed projects for members such as Artists Make Change, taken part in research, and attended key art events such as Istanbul Biennial.

Artists Council meets four times each year and in 2019-22 will focus on:
Leadership – specifically the leadership development of artists, the promotion of artists as influencers, and the development of influential and impactful artist networks across the UK.
Advocacy – Artists Council members engage with and input to a-n advocacy strategy and related projects.
Artist livelihoods – Artists Council members draw on their experience as artists and that of their professional networks, to contribute to a-n member and sector research, advocacy, programme and service development.

Current Artists Council members include: Jerome Ince-Mitchell (Chair), Judith Alder, Diana Ali, Shaun C Badham, Maurice Carlin, Holly Davey, Rachel Dobbs, George Gibson, Jasleen Kaur, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, CJ Mahony, Hetain Patel, Antonio Roberts, Giles Round and Glen Stoker.

To join Artists Council, artists must be an Artist member or Joint (Artist + Arts organiser) member of a-n, or be willing to become a member if selected.

Please note that currently Artists Council meetings are taking place online following Government guidance and physical meetings and activities will resume when possible.

See the Artists Council Recruitment Information Pack for more information and to apply. Deadline to apply is 3pm on Thursday 26 November 2020. You will be notified whether you have been shortlisted for interview or not via email by Thursday 3 December 2020. Interviews will be held in online on Wednesday 9 December 2020.

1. a-n Artists Council 2019: Giles Round, Shaun C Badham, Diana Ali, Glen Stoker, Bethan Lloyd-Worthington, Antonio Roberts, George Gibson, Maurice Carlin, Judith Alder, Jerome Ince-Mitchell, CJ Mahony, Holly Davey and Hetain Patel. Photo: Joel Chester Fildes.