Monet’s London views to go on show in National Gallery exhibition Show will examine French artist’s relationship with architecture, featuring paintings of Rouen Cathedral, the Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris, the architecture of Venice and the views he painted of the Houses of Parliament, Waterloo Bridge and Charing Cross Bridge when visiting London several times as a tourist between 1899 and 1901.

Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn under threat from property developers German artist’s unfinished work in Cumbria could be sold after art institutions including Arts Council England refuse to save it. Schwitters used the barn as a studio in the 1940s and turned it into an experimental dada-inspired artwork. He covered the walls in a collage of materials, from glass to found objects and sculptures, but died of pneumonia three months into the project, in January 1948.

EU nationals essential to creative industries survey finds  Research by the Creative Industries Federation suggests almost 75% of creative organisations think restricting immigration would hurt business. 250 of CIF’s members took part in the survey about how they would be affected by changes to freedom of movement for UK and non-UK EU citizens after Brexit.

London museums pledge to stay ‘safe, open and welcoming to all’ after terror attack Tate Modern and the Hayward Gallery were among 12 cultural organisations around Bankside, close to where the attacks happened, to jointly issue a statement pledging to keep their venues “safe, open and welcoming to all”.

Creative Time director Katie Hollander steps down Hollander, who was appointed executive director of the New York nonprofit arts organization in January 2016, is stepping down. In a statement she said: “I’m immensely proud of the team and the lasting impact our projects have had on the cultural community.”

Andrea Fraser tracks down museum trustees’ political donations Artist is mapping the connections between major US museums and the political elite in an effort to expose institutions’ ties to the White House. Fraser says her project will examine how the US has become a plutocracy.

Former worker sues glass artist Dale Chihuly, claiming co-authorship of works According to a countersuit filed by Chihuly, the man, a former contract worker, recently demanded the artist pay him $21 million. Michael Moi met Dale Chihuly in 1999 aboard his boat, the Meteor, and worked for him from 2001 to 2015.

Two Ghost Ship organisers charged with involuntary manslaughter for fire Property manager and creative director of Oakland’s Ghost Ship artist residence and DIY concert venue were arrested and charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, each faces up to 39 years in prison.

Police halt Banksy’s offer to send free prints to anti-Tory voters According to Roisin O’Connor of The Independent, a spokesperson for the police said:“It is a criminal offense under the Representation of People Act 1983 for any voter to accept or agree to accept a gift or similar in return for voting or refraining from voting. Any person participating in an offer to receive a gift is at risk of being prosecuted.”

1. Claude Monet, La Cour d’Albane, 1892. Smith College of Art Northampton, Massachusetts Gift of Adeline Flint Wing, class of 1898, and Caroline Roberta Wing, class of 1896. Courtesy: The National Gallery

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