Ben Sadler, Skull Hand
Limited edition laser cut, hand-assembled perspex brooch, edition of 10; 8cm x 8cm.
Based in Birmingham, Ben Sadler is part of the band Juneau Projects, along with Juneau Brothers Phil Duckworth and Joe Welden. As well as spending time as an electronic musician he also paints, draws, and makes brooches. Each brooch purchased is accompanied by a signed drawing of the brooch which also features its edition number.
£22 (free shipping to UK addresses, £2 to rest of world).

Keith Wilson, Untitled 0868 0009 (blueprint)
Screen print on digital archival print, 2017, edition of 50 + 3 APs signed and numbered; 602 x 602 mm.
In 2015, Keith Wilson was commissioned to develop the first and only permanent work for Sculpture Park Hill, Sheffield’s new home for temporary public sculpture at the Park Hill estate in Sheffield. S1 Artspace has marked the launch of Sculpture Park Hill with this limited edition print by the artist.
£208.25, unframed (until 22 December),

Laura Oldfield Ford, Chthonic Reverb
Risograph print, 2016, edition of 50; 297 x 420mm.
This edition was produced by the artist alongside her solo exhibition at Grand Union in 2016. The show followed a six-week residency in the gallery in 2015, during which she undertook extensive walks and conversations, or ‘dérives’, unlocking memories and narratives embedded in the local architecture of Digbeth, where Grand Union is situated.

John Robertson, Fruitdish and Glass
Acrylic and gouache on Canson Mi Tientes paper, 2016, unique print edition of 10; 75 x 55 cm.
John Robertson exhibited in e e e e o ee e i a a e e a, a group exhibition at Rhubaba, Edinburgh in 2015 that also included a range of existing and new work from artists Anne-Marie Copestake, Alexa Hare and Sophie Mackfall. You’ll find more work for sale by other artists via the Rhubaba shop.

Gilly Szego, The Escalator ceramic mug
11oz mug with a glossy Orca coating.  
This mug features Szego‘s painting The Escalator, printed onto the ceramic surface using sublimation. The original oil-on-canvas work was produced as part of Szego’s 1972 Underground series. The painting features in a retrospective of the London-based artists’ work at Protein Studios in London, which opens on 7 December. The mug was produced on occasion of the retrospective, along with prints of the work and a tote bag.

Printed armband, 2017, 13 x 8cm, infinite multiple.
The word ‘NO’ printed on a black armband, this ‘infinite multiple’ was part of Sierra’s staging of the NO GLOBAL TOUR, which ran from 2009 to 2011 and was made into a film in 2011. A large metal sculpture of the word ‘NO’ was transported by truck around the world and installed in different locations. The drivers of the truck and technicians setting up the sculpture wore the armbands.

Jemma Egan and Mike Carney, Gettin’ the Heart Ready
Limited edition pin badge, 2016.
Designed and made to mark The Royal Standard’s 10 year retrospective show ‘Gettin’ the Heart Ready’, the badges were produced collaboratively after numerous conversations between Jemma Egan, a previous director at The Royal Standard, and Mike Carney, a current studio member.

Paul Johnson, Disc
Glazed stoneware, 2017, edition of 25; each piece is slightly different, 8cm (diameter) x 1.5cm (depth).
These ceramic Disc editions are individually cast and fired. They were produced on the occasion of Johnson’s exhibition Teardrop Centre at Camden Arts Centre (6 April to 18 June 2017), which looked at the studio as a site or possible new universe; using everything from the walls, to the floor and the debris inhabiting studio space, as materials to rework into sculptures.

Alex Williamson, Company Colours
Embroidered sweatshirts, 2017; size medium or large. £45.00.
A set of limited editions by the Glasgow/London-based artist, produced for a solo exhibition at Mount Florida Studios, Glasgow earlier this year. The show examined anxieties of so-called Millennials who live the reality of zero-hour contract precarity. ‘Company Colours’ is the artist’s meshing of workers’ uniform with contemporary corporate design – a branding of the “many specific fears of young people” today.

TJ Wilcox, Untitled tea towel
Screen printed limited edition cotton linen tea towel, 2016, edition of 50; 77.5 x 51 cm.
The New York-based artist’s photographs and films are made using a collage technique involving 16-mm footage that he shoots himself, or sometimes takes from movies and television programs. He also trains his camera on book and magazine spreads, turning printed reproductions into still images that may be inserted into his films. This edition was produced for House of Voltaire in 2016.

1. Ben Sadler, Skull Hand, limited edition laser cut, hand-assembled perspex brooch. Courtesy; artist.
2. Keith Wilson, Untitled 0868 0009 (blueprint), screen-print on digital archival print, 602 x 602 mm, 2017. Edition of 50 + 3 APs, signed and numbered. Courtesy; the artist and S1 Artspace.
3. Laura Oldfield Ford, Chthonic Reverb, 2016, Edition of 50 Risograph print, 297 x 420mm. Courtesy; artist and Grand Union.
4. Paul Johnson, Disc, 2017. Photo: Hydar Dewachi.
5. John Robertson, Fruitdish and Glass, acrylic and gouache on Canson Mi Tientes paper, 2016. Unique print edition of 10, 75 x 55 cm. Photo; Lara MacLeod.
6. Gilly Szego, The Escalator, ceramic mug (11oz), with a glossy Orca coating, 2017. Courtesy; artist.
7. Santiago Sierra, NO GLOBAL TOUR ARMBAND, printed armband, 2017, 13 x 8cm. Courtesy; artist and infinite multiple.
8. ‘Gettin’ the Heart Ready’ Limited Eition Pin Badge by Jemma Egan and Mike Carney. Courtesy; artists.
9. Alex Williamson, Company Colours, embroidered sweatshirts, 2017. Courtesy; artist.
10. TJ Wilcox for House of Voltaire, Untitled, 2016. Screen printed limited edition cotton tea towel. Cotton linen. Edition of 50. 77.5 x 51 cm. Courtesy; the artist and Studio Voltaire. Photo; Graham Pearson.

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